Whisky Advent Calendar: Open!

Whisky Advent Calendar - the first 7 days Photo: PK Read

Whisky Advent Calendar – the first 7 days Photo: PK Read

Over the weekend we finally got down to business with our Whisky Advent Calendar, and the one thing I can already say without hesitation is that this is one holiday treat I will be repeating again next year. The sturdy little flaps take just the right amount of effort to pry open, the bottles take their time sliding out of their wee cubbyholes,  each doll-sized bottle is sealed with red wax and is a pleasure to open. Between two tasters, each bottle is just enough for a tiny taste, adequate to get a good idea of the subject at hand. We are currently playing catch-up, a wonderful phase during which we are opening two bottles a night. But that will be over with as of this evening and we will be down to one thimbleful per day.

Perhaps the biggest surprise has been the inclusion of a whisky liqueur made by Master of Malt, the company from which I bought the calendar. Being the dunderheads that we are, we didn’t even notice the word ‘liqueur’ on the label. “Sweet!” we said. “More like a spicy, whisky liqueur!” we said. Well no wonder. That’s exactly what it is, and yes, we will be ordering a bottle. So, well done, MoM.

The bottles we have unpacked thus far range in age from five to thirty (!) years, everything from Lowland to Speyside and Highland, some we like and some we didn’t. I’ll be making up a chart later this month.

Now, if you will excuse me, it’s snowing again, and I think it’s just about time to unpack Day 10.

As Ella Fitzgerald sang,

The snow is snowing, The wind is blowing,
But I can weather the storm!
What do I care how much it may storm,
I’ve got my love (and MoM calendar) to keep me warm!

Or something along those lines.

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