The Tasting Wheel

Whisky WheelFrom: Whisky Magazine

Whisky Wheel
From: Whisky Magazine

I found this over on Whisky Magazine the other day, and thought it was both informative and nice to look at. There are tasting wheels out there for other spirits (such as tequila), and there are other whisky tasting wheels, but I found this one to be the combination of form and function that works best for me.

It’s a funny thing about scents, for some reason, women seem to have a finer sense of them. The same is true of color. Here’s a representation of the range of colors women can see and between which they can differentiate, and the same spectrum for men. Click here for the interactive version which puts a label to all the colors, and here for the discussion.

Gender differences in color perceptionFrom: Stephen von Worley

Gender differences in color perception
From: Stephen von Worley

I haven’t seen a presentation like this for scents, but I’m guessing the gender gap is similarly large. Why?

At any rate, according to Whisky Magazine, some of the best noses in the business for whisky belong to women. I wish I could claim to be one of them, but I’m just fumbling along for the moment, enjoying the advent whisky calendar as best I can.

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