Between Rhône River bridges

Pont des Bergues, Geneva, Switzerland  Photo: PK Read

Pont des Bergues, Geneva, Switzerland Photo: PK Read

I may be wrong, but in past years I think Geneva has had far more holiday lights up than this year. Usually all the trees that line the lake and rivers are strung with white garlands of light and the various bridges are lines of light as well. Energy saving measures? Cost-cutting? At any rate, this is a rather grainy view taken at dusk last night from the Pont de la Machine at the mouth of the Rhône River, looking towards the bright walking bridge of the Pont des Bergues and the tiny Île Rousseeau, the more sober Pont de Mont Blanc and Lake Geneva beyond. The wooden platform was installed a few years ago in the middle of the river, and in summer or winter, it is a great place to sit and watch the rapid current of the Rhône flow past on its way westwards.

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