Clear Paths

Not two weeks ago, my running loop was a broad swathe of white and snow and the way forward was more of an idea than a path.


I thought it would be like this for the rest of winter, and that the regular running path would be knee-deep and inaccessible for a few months.

Fast forward a few days – days of wind and rain and sleet and just a few slivers of sun – to yesterday, when the path looked like this:

Clear paths & skies Photo: PK Read

Clear paths & skies
Photo: PK Read

Sometimes, when the path forward is obstructed, a few added days of inclemency will reveal an unexpected and welcome solution.

And I mean that literally, not just metaphorically.


2 thoughts on “Clear Paths

    • The snow on the path was in drifts, so it was over a foot deep – impossible for running. I had on cross-country skiing gear and my hiking boots for “running” that day, but the snow was far too deep. Past my knees.

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