End Of Year Happy #3

Milk Vending Machine

Milk Vending Machine

Another interesting vending machine from our area. There are many dairies in the area, one right up the road from us, where customers still come with large tin milk cans to get raw milk fresh from the farm. I suppose the vending machine is for those who can’t be bothered to drive the extra ten minutes to a farm, or who don’t know about that option. This is not your old-fashioned, milk-carton vending machine, this is a machine with sterilized bottles and milk-filling station.

At any rate, the milk is locally produced, and as it says on the sign, the cows are not fed any genetically-modified grains. If the dairy is like most around here, the cows are free-range as well. Still have to try this out at some point, just for fun.

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