Cornish Bouquet

Cornish bouquet Photo: PK Read

Cornish bouquet
Photo: PK Read

Here are a few shots of a walk we took yesterday in Newquay, Cornwall. I have never, I think, seen a hillside so spectacularly, thoroughly, ridiculously carpeted in flowers as this hillside on Pentire Headland. The photo doesn’t do it anywhere near justice. It looked like a computer graphics intern had been practicing and hadn’t known when enough was enough. Pink, yellow, white, lavender, beige, all no higher than my ankle. Silly, silly amounts of coastal flowers.

Headland view  Photo: PK Read

Headland view
Photo: PK Read

What you don’t see here, of course, are the gale-force winds that made it dangerous to approach any interesting cliff-side views. The world was awash in wind. Then, abruptly, the flower meadow ended and a miniature forest, thigh-high, commenced. Prickly, twisty, battering our legs. It was alive with birdsong warning of our presence – but we never saw a single feather.

Tiny forest Photo: PK Read

Tiny forest
Photo: PK Read



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