I’ve been laid low by a pernicious cold this week, and am not yet back up to the fighting stamina it takes to make a proper post. It’s bed rest and hot water with lemon juice for me.

3D image of a rhinovirus Source: Bio21 Institute

3D image of a rhinovirus.
Source: Bio21 Institute

It offers some aesthetic comfort that the inside of a rhinovirus looks more or less like the inside of my respiratory passages feel, indicating a neat dovetailing of form and function.

As tempting as it is to attack illness with the habitual howitzers of modern medicine, I’m a firm believer in only using antibiotics only where they actually have a chance of working – which is not on my head cold.

I would note that as well-intentioned as Batman might be, violence in the pursuit of education and awareness is not to be condoned any more than antibiotic misuse.

And now, I’m off in search of more lemons.

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