I’m a writer and environmentalist, cloud gazer, located in a remote region of France. I live at a crossroads of prose, change and inquiry, but there are plenty of side roads to points of aimless interest. Like champagne. And whisky.

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A few places to read other work:

Pillow Talk, a story of a woman beset with an inconvenient dilemma, in Necessary Fiction.

Render, a story of food, lodging and questionable landladies, in Bartleby Snopes.

Thank you, Fish Publishing Young Adult Novel Prize judges, for including me on the 2015 long list!

Thank you, Bristol Short Story Prize judges, for including House of Doors in the shortlist and in the 2015 Bristol Short Story Anthology!

Burp, a short story of an all-embracing love, in Jersey Devil Press.

I’m very pleased to have received the 1st prize for non-fiction in the 2014 Geneva Writers Group 2014 Literary Prize.

Kama Suture, a short story of a long birth, in Rind Literary Magazine.


You can also find my non-fiction on The Huffington Post, Medium, and The Feminist Wire.





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    • Wow – Thank you so much! I really enjoy your site as well, but haven’t had much time to comment on anything recently. The wild dust kicked up by this summer is finally settling, though, so I’ll have more time soon to communicate more.


  1. Fascinating answers, Paula, and thanks for your kind comments. I’m going to check out your nominated bloggers. And Louis is from Upper Peninsula? Do you know the Sufjan Stevens song about the place? (it’s great!)


    • Yes on Sufjan Stevens – beautiful! Actually, Louis isn’t from Michigan, but he made a terrific documentary on copper mining there, and is working on a project on new, large-scale mining taking place on the shores of Lake Superior. I think you would enjoy his blog and his writing.


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