The Long View

I was out on my first run of 2019. It was the second day of the year, not the first. The first was foggy, grey, dim and dark. No views to be had, no motivation to get out and find some. Day 2 was a different story.

The same mountains that were there behind the fog and drizzle of New Years Day suddenly revealed themselves. Of course they’d been there all along. I always know they are there, right there in front of me, but there are times I just can’t use that knowledge to envision them on the far side of Lake Geneva.

It takes discipline and determination to see the positives when it comes to climate and the environment. But they are there. It may sound strange, but the mountains ahead need us to see them as much as we need to see them. When it comes to taking action, having a picture of the mountain on the other side of the clouds might be the only way to see it. At least for now.

I didn’t make any resolutions for 2019, but I am going to make a serious effort, both here on ChampagneWhisky and elsewhere, to always see the best views – regardless of the low-hanging clouds that might be blocking my line of sight.

Mont Blanc, France. Photo: PKR


End Of Year Happy #1

Vending machine for fresh pizzaPhoto: PK Read

Vending machine for fresh pizza
Photo: PK Read

I came across this vending machine for fresh oven pizza today, right next door to my favorite local fromagerie, the Michelin cheese shop. I’ve heard about these machines, but never had the privilege of seeing one for myself.

The Italian restaurant that runs the machine is an excellent one, so I expect the pizzas will be at least decent. I don’t know how long the pizza vending machine has been installed – given its pristine state and complete lack of graffiti, it can’t have been there for long.

So, after the holiday eating frenzy has settled and I am ready for pizza again, I will be trying out piping hot vending machine pizza. An easy-to-keep resolution for the New Year.