Sky, Painted or Clear

I don’t have much to say today. It’s been a week of uplifting news, it’s been a week of bad news.

Like most weeks, I guess.

We are settling into our first major heat wave of summer here.

Moonrise (fuzzy!), France All photos: PKR

Moonrise (fuzzy!), France
All photos: PKR

Temperatures pushed the planned evening walk later and later until we only left once the sun had set and it had cooled a bit. Farmers were out in force, cutting the early wheat under watercolor skies and 2(1)

The air and land was alive with insect life, most of it noisy, but it was too dark to take any decent shots of our traveling 3(1)

Except for this big guy, who was in a fighting 1(2)

I went for a morning run today – too late, as it turned out, to beat the heat – and found a cloudless sky, quiet and scorching over ordered fields.

Mount Blanc in the distance.

Mount Blanc in the distance.


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